bunneh (bunnyhero) wrote in ludology,

an important site

the videogame ombudsman keeps getting better and better.

to quote the site's introduction:
Welcome to my new weblog, The Video Game Ombudsman. This blog was created to fill a hole in the video game journalism scene. While there are countless magazines and web sites that detail the business, craft and art of video games, I have yet to run into a source that puts the microscope up to the journalists themselves. This column is my humble attempt to put a check on the often sloppy, lazy, biased, and unethical world of video game reporting.

a must read for anyone studying video games and the games industry.
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Whoo! First comment ever!

Glad you like the blog. I'll try to keep up the good work. The description is a little outdated though. I mainly focus on video game web site news now instead of all that other stuff I originally wanted to cover.I have some stuff about reviews in the works though. Be on the lookout

-Kyle Orland
The Video Game Ombudsman