Lemmy Caution (zangtt) wrote in ludology,
Lemmy Caution

News in game studies. (Meta! Meta! Meta!)

This channel has been quiet, but I thought I might use it to do a quick run-down of some of the hubbub going on elsewhere. It's been picking up on a lot of the sites.

Ludonauts has been pretty active recently, and looks to be more active soon. While the different players (ha.) involved come from different fields and perspectives, I think we can see a sort of emergent perspective that engages with the "Scandinavian school" with both a more historicist sensibility and with a grounding in both continental and cognitivist traditions.

A discussion on Water Cooler Games about the recent Form, Content and Video Games Conference at Princeton has evolved into a thread about comparative methodologies. Worth looking at. The conversation on methods and models is picking up steam.
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